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Essential Functionality of Major Components


The Current Condition of the Major Components Should Never be Overlooked

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• Structure and foundation

• Electrical systems

• Plumbing systems

• Roofs and Attics

• Basements and Crawl Spaces

• Gutters and Drainage

• Walls, Floors and Ceilings

• Porches and Decks

• Property and Site

• Furnaces in heating season

• Air Conditioning in cooling season

• Water Heaters

• A rep.  sampling of Lights and Receptacles

• A rep. sampling of Windows and Doors

Buyer Be- Aware and Armed with Knowledge

Most Common Home Defects

FAULTY WIRING – worn or outdated systems and homeowner additions are the most common defects, especially in older homes. Electrical system problems are safety related and require immediate attention.

ROOF PROBLEMS – improperly installed and aged surfaces occur frequently. Poor install or missing flashing.  Repairs may be simple or the entire roof may need to be replaced. 

HEATING/COOLING SYSTEM DEFECTS – improper installations, inadequate maintenance and aged components. 

PLUMBING ISSUES – leaking, outdated or problematic systems  

INADEQUATE INSULATION & VENTILATION IN ATTIC – poor insulation and poor ventilation causes excessive utility costs and a variety of additional problems. 

WHOLE HOUSE IS POORLY MAINTAINED   Deferred maintenance and neglect presents a potential high cost situation down the road. 

POOR DRAINAGE AROUND THE STRUCTURE – water needs to drain away from the structure at its perimeter to prevent water intrusion. Gutters and downspouts can sometimes be added to rectify site drainage problems.

AIR AND WATER PENETRATING CRACKS AND WINDOW PERIMETERS AT EXTERIOR – structure cracks and separations at the windows can allow water into the wall cavities which is conducive to mold growth.

MINOR STRUCTURAL DAMAGE – cut and/or broken trusses seen in attic cavities. 

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