Regular Preventative Maintenance


Regular, scheduled monthly home maintenance service makes a lot of sense for a lot of homeowners. Here are just a few reasons:

Crawlspace/basement and attic issues

· Check that the sump pump and floor drain are working (spring and fall)

· Inspect for water damage/puddles/wet surfaces (spring and fall)

· Look for signs of pests (fall)

· Ensure that insulation is intact (fall)

· Check/fix ductwork connections; be sure fans exhaust to outdoors (annually)

Building envelope problems

· Be sure gutters are discharging water away from the home (spring)

· Check the attic for any roof leaks (spring)

· Ensure that roof shingles are in good condition (spring)

· Inspect the chimney, valley, skylight flashing and plumbing vent (spring)

· Check for peeling paint or water damage on the inside of exterior walls (spring)

· Look for leaks at door and window sills (spring)

· Check that flashing is intact beneath windows and doors (spring)

· Repair and lubricate doors and windows (as needed)

· Clear exhaust ducts and clean dryer vent (spring and fall)

· Clean downspouts and gutters (spring and fall)

· Drain outdoor hoses/faucets (fall)

Plumbing, appliances and fixture issues

· Clean kitchen range hood screen (as needed)

· Clean ranges and ovens (fall)

· Check the shut-off valve/supply on all toilets (annually)

· Inspect washer and dishwasher hose connections (annually)

· Check for shower/tub surround damage (annually)

· Examine the refrigerator icemaker connection and drip pan (annually)

· Check drains and traps beneath showers, tubs and sinks (annually)

Electrical and detector issues

· Be sure ground fault interrupters are working (spring and fall)

· Inspect cords for damage (spring and fall)

· Test and replace batteries in carbon monoxide and smoke alarms (spring and fall)

HVAC matters

· Replace furnace filters (monthly or quarterly, depending on need)

· Have the air conditioning system checked and cleaned (spring).*

· Clean exhaust fan screens/outlets (spring).

· Have the heating system cleaned and checked (fall).*

· Check for hot water heater, boiler, and water main/meter or well pump leaks (fall).*

· Clean outdoor air screens/intakes (fall).

· Check thermostat operation and replace batteries if needed (annually).

Any tasks marked with an * asterisk should be handled by a professional HVAC tech, says Strilcic. “Most of the other items can be done yourself. Simple things like replacing your furnace filter regularly can save you money on your energy bills. It also helps remove contaminants in your home’s air. And it prevents early repairs.”