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Upright Home Inspections

A home inspection is a highly advisable item to perform on all dwellings on a regular basis.  Of course, I am biased to this position since becoming a Certified Home Inspector and years of homeownership.  For the seller, the buyer, the renter and the landlord the performance of regular, in-depth evaluations of all properties will provide an complete understanding of their current condition.  This understanding is essential to planning and DIY’ing or contracting the necessary repairs and maintenance the property needs.  Staying ahead of minor items may help avoid big ticket expenses down the line. Keeping aware of the status and performance of major components will assist with preparing for replacement.  Seasonal fluctuations in our area put extreme stresses on our buildings and their components.  With temperatures of over 105’F persisting in the summer and freezing below 0’F in the winter, Idaho weather takes its toll on our properties.  Humidity is low in our area and irrigation use is high.  This combination often presents a prime opportunity for water damage.  Dry material is thirsty and water is the most effective, unnoticed destroyer. Whether it’s a little drip over a long period of time or a big gusher all at once, water has immense impacts to properties and pocketbooks.  


For Life’s Biggest Purchase

The Best Inspection Report Possible

We take great pride in the reports that we generate. Our reports are electronic and contain high resolution photos for your benefit. The photos are used to direct your attention to the issues being explained. The reports are detailed and comprehensive. Our in-depth inspections help make this possible. We take time to verify that our reports are also clear and readable. They are easy to understand.

All of this adds up to you receiving the best home inspection report possible!


Upright Home Inspection adheres to and frequently exceeds the Standards of Practice established by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors InterNACHI


Pre-listing Inspection

This detailed inspection will provide the homeowner with a clear understanding of the current condition of their home.  Armed with this report will help prepare the seller for a transaction with less surprises. Offering the report to the buyer will build confidence in their purchase. Discounts available to clients utilizing this inspection for their new home purchase.


Comprehensive Home Inspection

A comprehensive inspection of components and aspects of the home prior to closing is a valuable resource for the new homeowner. The return on investing into this home inspection is realised when the value of items remedied prior to purchase and/or the peace of mind gained through knowing its been checked. Whether this home is a new construction or a new-to-you home, this thorough inspection will evaluate and document the current condition of the property from the outside in and from the rooftop to the footings. 


11th Month/Warranty Inspection

Ensure your new home was put up, and is staying UP-right with our 11th month Warranty Inspection. This detailed inspection will provide you with the documentation that you can be confident to present to your builder/contractor. The report and its many photos will help you communicate the condition and present any items of concern to be remedied prior to warranty expiration.

Property Condition Report

This modified inspection is primarily designed to deliver, in one concise document, the condition of the habitable space.  It provides the client (typically the renter or landlord) a visual record of the walls, floors, windows, doors, switches, bathrooms, kitchen.  This is also recorded with the inspector’s assessment of the condition as a “Like New”, “Typical Wear”, or “Damaged”.  Discounts available for clients utilizing inspection on the same property.


We are proud to provide thorough and detailed Boise home inspections and to serve the entire surrounding area, including Meridian, Nampa, Eagle, Homedale, Caldwell, & more.

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