You may have heard the quote, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. No
doubt, when someone visits your home for the first time you are anxious to make a great first
impression. Your entryway is naturally where you might want to focus. Here are some ideas to
help you create an inviting entryway to get that great first impression.

Organization is key in this space. It is definitely not inviting to have shoes in a pile by the door.
A storage bench or a nice accent cabinet would be great options to hide away those shoes as
well as add some style with function.

The way you style your entryway will affect how your guests feel. To create that inviting, warm
and cozy feel you might think about a sleek console table styled with a flower arrangement,
lamp and a lovely photo. A beautiful statement mirror will work wonders to open up and
brighten your space. You can sneak in some function by placing baskets under the table for
extra storage. These will only add to your cozy feel.

Your guests may enjoy being greeted by a beautiful rug accompanied by some small seating
inviting them to come in and stay a while. Round out the space with an impressive piece of art
on the wall.

First impressions are not all about looks though, smells are quite impressive as well. How do
you create an inviting smell? A diffuser is a great idea. There are so many stylish diffusers
available. Just add your favorite essential oils to create a beautiful smell. If you prefer a more
traditional approach, try a stovetop potpourri recipe of your choice. Activating the senses in this
way is sure to accentuate that inviting feel.

Hopefully some of these ideas will help you put together an inviting entryway to make your
guests feel instantly comfortable and want to stay a while!

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