Imagine the scene; you have just come home from a hard day’s work. You make your dinner, grab your drink and think,  I am going to eat in front of the TV tonight. You sit on the couch, turn on the tv, and realize it is a little warm in the room, so you turn on your ceiling fan. As you hit the switch, or pull the chain, it occurs to you….you have not cleaned the ceiling fan in weeks, maybe months..maybe it’s even been a year. You make a plan to clean it, the day arrives and the question comes to mind, what is the best and easiest way to clean a ceiling fan?”

Here are a few tips and tricks. 

  1. Have a safe way to reach the fan. Depending on the placement of your fan and furniture, you may be able to stand safely on something or you may need a ladder. A good investment may also be a duster with a long pole. Think about your plan of action before you get started. Depending on your situation, this may be a two person job.
  2. Use a microfiber cloth on the blades, pull chain (if there is one) the motor housing and light bulbs. A small spray of dustpolish may help as well. If you tend to be a strong duster, remember to be gentle on your fan blades, you don’t want to damage them.
  3. If the fan is especially dusty, dirty, or greasy, dust first, then use a damp cloth with a spray on all-purpose-cleaner. Each ceiling fan is different, so make sure the cleaner you choose will not damage your fan. 
  4. If your fan has any glass globes or shades, and you can remove them, go ahead. Wash them in warm soapy water, rinse and let dry all the way before re-installing.

There you have it. A few tips and tricks to keep your ceiling fans dust free and sparkling clean

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